Gift Guide: for you(r work-from-home friend)

Ugh, another gift guide. I promise this one is worth the quick glance because it's a round-up of the things I use daily or the things I know I need. It's for the work-from-home start your day with the morning drop-off rush and then jump behind your computer (often sacrifice your lunch for a luxurious 15-minute shower) and then grab a bite on your way to school pickup. OR are you considering leaving your office job to take the plunge and work from home? OR do you have a super cool sister or best friend who just started the work-from-home hustle and you wanna get her something nice for the holidays? Look no further! You have're just 1 click away from being the best gift giver ever. xoxo, gossip girl. (sorry, I'm blogging and just felt like I needed to end it with that sign off.)