Gift Guide: for you(r work-from-home friend)

Ugh, another gift guide. I promise this one is worth the quick glance because it's a round-up of the things I use daily or the things I know I need. It's for the work-from-home start your day with the morning drop-off rush and then jump behind your computer (often sacrifice your lunch for a luxurious 15-minute shower) and then grab a bite on your way to school pickup. OR are you considering leaving your office job to take the plunge and work from home? OR do you have a super cool sister or best friend who just started the work-from-home hustle and you wanna get her something nice for the holidays? Look no further! You have're just 1 click away from being the best gift giver ever. xoxo, gossip girl. (sorry, I'm blogging and just felt like I needed to end it with that sign off.)


#40WeeksofChic: Thoughtful and Impactful Marketing Campaigns

This is a campaign by A Pea in the Pod and it's so well executed and strategic that I decided to post it here as my first blog. Here are the top 3 reasons why I would consider this a marketing win and would recommend a similar model to anyone looking to feature relatable consumers in a campaign:

  1. This is an Instagram first campaign, meaning they are thinking about their instagram audience from top to bottom. The name of the campaign is a hashtag and they put in the leg work and looked for pregnant professionals that use the instagram platform. 
  2. This is original. It's not your standard Q&A with a mom who also works and has kids where you ask her, how do you juggle it all? Any tips? etc.. etc..
  3. This is thoughtful. They interviewed me and pulled out the pieces that went best with their campaign instead of trying to fit my entire interview. It's short and sweet and straight to the point. 

When looking to launch your own campaign think about these strategies. Give yourself realistic goals such as, I would like to provide a takeaway for my audience, I would like to drive traffic back to my site, I would like to feature consumers in a thoughtful way. Rather than, I want more instagram followers or I want to sell out of a specific product. And lastly, take the time to make sure every piece of this campaign is well thought out. A Pea in the Pod approached me back in early August, which means this campaign is nearly 3 months in the making and that was not even the moment they decided to create the concept. Think ahead and take the time to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle line up. 

Here's the link to the full feature.