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Priscilla has worn many hats in her lifetime and has used many words to define herself.  One word she has always been proud to call herself is dancer (Tap, Jazz and Modern are her jam). Her creative desire to add unexpected elements to marketing campaigns stems from this artistic passion. She choreographs her work with a fluidity unlike any other and seamlessly adds transitions that provide texture and depth to otherwise basic marketing campaigns.

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With a double major in Communications and Media Arts and a minor in Dance, Priscilla set off to conquer the world. So she started in events. Producing events for corporate companies such as Cisco, Genentech and Oracle, she learned the true meaning of multi-tasking and hard work that truly pays off. Her marketing experience began shortly thereafter landing an in-house job with Line 6, a music manufacturing company. She was in charge of managing production schedules and driving deadlines for copywriters, graphic designers, web designers and video producers. This is also where she met John Mayer (not relevant to work history but relevant to life history).

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After unlocking that life goal achievement she decided it was time to try something new so she started working for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where she represented the space agency as an acting spokesperson, generated media coverage and media trained the best and brightest scientists and engineers on the planet. Then in late 2012, Priscilla became a mother and her entire world was flipped upside down.


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The meaning of work became so much more than a profession. Priscilla wanted her work to serve as an opportunity to set an example, to make her mark and to inspire others. So soon after the birth of her daughter, she launched PR Vega as a way to apply her previous experiences and desire to create creative campaigns by collaborating with like-minded hustlers and passionate entrepreneurs.


Priscilla loves to talk (she never stops) so feel free to reach out and have a chat.

(Pssst...if you read this far down, I'll let you in on a little secret: PR Vega is actually my initials. My full name is Priscilla Regina Vega. So there you have it; I didn't choose this life, it chose me.)